Thursday, June 07, 2012

Birds of a feather...Roman Catholic Womenpriests-USA stands behind LCWR

In a statement released Friday, Roman Catholic Womenpriests-USA says it supports the LCWR's response to the Vatican report. Here's what the organization wrote:
    The entire membership of Roman Catholic Womenpriests-USA (RCWP) proudly stands in solidarity with the Leadership Conference of Women Religious and fully supports the actions that the LCWR will be taking in response to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith report.

    RCWP believes that as a matter of justice, the CDF mandate must be discussed openly and candidly with the LCWR membership.
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Young fogey emeritus said...

RCWP: just more vagantes, the kind that doesn't admit it's started its own church, which explains the dishonest name (they're not RC anymore). Journos trying to attack the church aren't interested in honest reporting: 'Ex-Catholic old woman becomes minister in sect'.

But sure, the same old liberals, only one group's still parasitically in the official church. Hope Pope Benedict changes that, giving these few remaining biddies what they deserve, or if you like vagante liberals, then fine, go be one.

As one person recently put it, only a small middle-class clique (I add: they're all old and mostly in Protestant countries) wants women priests. The mind and heart of the church around the world isn't interested; it just doesn't come up. Like in Orthodoxy: Valerie Karras and that's about it. Sure, you have Bad Catholics and Bad Orthodox who parrot secular culture by saying they'd be fine with women priests, but they're not trying to change the church like this clique is.

And anyway, Benedict can't: he's only the Pope.

Anonymous said...

If these women were truly interested in ordained Christian ministry, they would be honest about their opinions and move to a protestant denomination. But "RC"WP is not about honestly. It's about drawing attention to themselves.