Memory Eternal!

Memory Eternal!
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Saturday, December 02, 2006

San Joaquin Secedes

I am not sure if this is the equivalent of Ft. Sumter. But the diocese of San Joaquin in CA (I actually live within its geographic boundaries) has become the first diocese of The Episcopal Church (TEC) to take formal steps to end its affiliation with the radical liberal denomination whose actions are threatening to tear apart the World Wide Anglican Communion (WWAC). Undeterred by bullying and threats from the liberals now running TEC bishop Schofield has been firmly guiding his diocese (the only one in the US that does not ordain women) towards the exit ever since the General Convention last summer.

In his remarks he has consistently referred to TEC's broad church theology as heresy, and has been unwavering that neither he nor his diocese were prepared to remain in a denomination that had so blatantly abandoned the Apostolic Christian faith. The resolutions passed by the diocese overwhelmingly have replaced all references to TEC with the term Anglican and make it clear the diocese considers itself a part of the WWAC. Bp. Schofield is fairly certain that TEC's days in the WWAC are numbered and he has made it clear where he wants to be when the dust settles.

Now if only we could get him to look at Orthodoxy...


Steve Hayes said...

There are quite a number of places in the WWAC that ordain women, so it seems they will still be out on a limb wherever they turn, unless to Orthodoxy.

Death Bredon said...

Apparently, the argument of those staying with the WWAC is that the oficial formularies are quite Orthodox and that women's ordination is not a closed question but rather in a discenment process. Its that last bit the is the most troubling, the orindations have preceeded the discernment.

William Tighe said...

In addition to the Diocese of San Joaquin in ECUSA, the Dioceses of Fort Worth and Quincy do not ordain women. At least, they do not ordain women to the priesthood, although they do ordain them to the diaconate. I think that San Joaquin does as well, although I am not sure of this.

By the way, Bishop John-David of San Joaquin is an "associate member" (if that is the right term) of Holy Transfiguration Ukrainian Catholic monastery near Ukiah, CA.