Thursday, June 14, 2007

Motu Proprio said to be imminent

Rorate Caeli, a Traditionalist Roman Catholic blog with a reputation for good and fairly reliable posts, reports that a highly credible Italian website has posted actual excerpts from the cover letter intended to accompany the MP liberalizing the Tridentine Mass. According to this report the document has been signed and the cover letter is in the final stages of translation into various languages. Although a precise date for release is not given, it is believed that it will occur before +Benedict XVI departs for his summer vacation in the first part of July.

Again, I want express a healthy dose of skepticism about any predictions of dates. However we have known beyond reasonable doubt that the MP really does exist and it's coming. So everyone take a deep breath and wait to see what happens.

Read the details here.


Arthur said...

I am fascinated and a bit awed by this historic moment as the MP is to be published. I am a bit worried about divisions it may cause and new reasons for Catholics to wrangle with one another.

I infrequently attend a Ukrainian Greek Catholic parish and love their liturgy (85% English). I have learned so much about ancient liturgical and especially eastern forms. I believe we Catholics have a lot of recovering to do in liturgy.

I am curious how the Orthodox might view these western issues and developments.

Ad Orientem said...

Arthur,I would refer you to my April 25th essay
Why do the Orthodox care?