Tuesday, January 29, 2008

75 Years Ago

January 30th 1933; Adolf Hitler becomes the last Chancellor of the German Weimar Republic and an entire generation of human beings is doomed to war and genocidal madness.

Lest we forget.


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Ad Orientem said...

Thanks for catching the typo.


Visibilium said...

We may as well remember his Croatian buddies who slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Serbians for being Orthodox. In this Theophany/Epiphany season, let's remember that those Latin Crusaders derisively played "As Many As Have Been Baptized Into Christ" as the sheep were led to the slaughter. Memory Eternal.

Ad Orientem said...

I think any relation between your comment and the subject of the post is a stretch at best. I would prefer that we avoid taking advantage of unrelated thread topics to launch attacks on other religious confessions. However since you raised the issue I will make a brief observation before moving on. While we Orthodox have disagreements with Rome, and some grievances I think it would do us well to recall that abuses occurred many times in history and sometimes the Orthodox were the one's with guilty hands.

I vaguely recall reading somewhere about people without sins and throwing stones or something like that...