Friday, November 14, 2008

The new job reality check...

CHICAGO — A couple of weeks ago, Barack Obama headed to the Hyde Park Hair Salon for a trim. He greeted the staff and other customers and plopped down in the same chair in front of the same barber who has cut his hair for the last 14 years.

But when he wanted a trim this week, the Secret Service took one look at the shop’s large plate-glass windows and the gawking tourists eager for a glimpse of the president-elect and the plan quickly changed. If Mr. Obama could no longer come to the barber, the barber would come to him and cut his hair at a friend’s apartment.

Life for the newly chosen president and his family has changed forever. Even the constraints and security of the campaign trail do not compare to the bubble that has enveloped him in the 10 days since his election. Renegade, as the Secret Service calls him, now lives within the strict limits that come with the most powerful office on the planet.
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I did not vote for the guy. But I do feel for him and his family. I often think that anyone who actually wants that job has to be either incredibly patriotic or nuts. Maybe a little of both.


Fr. J. said...

Nice sentiment. But, as Christians we should be prepared to oppose this man at every turn.

Anonymous said...

What to you mean by oppose this man?
Opposing abortion or any other act that is immoral is a duty but the person?
Like my priest said love the sinner but hate the sin.


John (Ad Orientem) said...

I concur with Luke's position. I will support him where I can and oppose him when I must. Scripture clearly commands us to support and be obedient to the civil authority where there is no overt conflict with our faith.