Memory Eternal!

Memory Eternal!
Dad (the servant of God John) October 4, 1935 - March 30, 2015

Friday, January 20, 2012

The downside of reading on the cheap

It's a rainy and chilly day here and I am tired of my usual diet of reading (mostly non-fiction).  So it's time to look for something a little lighter than Rienhart & Rogoff's analysis of the anatomy of fiscal and monetary crisis using data going back eight centuries.  I had been meaning to read the new Stephen King novel on the Kennedy assassination so I clicked over to the library's website.  Yep, they have the book but alas it's out.  Not terribly surprising.  It is after all a new book and he is a popular author.  No problem says I.  I will just put a reserve on it and get the book when it is returned.  That took two more clicks.  Following which I was informed that my reserve was on file and would remain active until October 2012... AND THAT I WAS #82 IN LINE TO GET THE BOOK!



Anonymous said...

Did the library say how many copies it holds? A wait list of 82 is considerable, yes, but if they have 50 copies (very possible in bigger libraries/systems) then your wait will be considerably smaller.

Thanks for using the library,
Librarian's Wife

Mark B said...

Time to get an e-reader. Many libraries have e-book programs now that will let you get books much faster. And it saves a trip...