Monday, April 23, 2012

Moleben in Defense of the Faith

Over the weekend a moleben was offered in Moscow in defense of the Faith and in reparation for various acts of sacrilege.  There have certainly been some very nasty anti-Christian crimes and various acts of sacrilege (take note of the defaced icons in the procession).  But this strike me as at least partly a response to recent criticism of the Church for its overt intervention in the recent elections on behalf of Vladimir Putin and perceptions of worldly corruption.

On a side note the crowd was good sized. And judging from the multitude of banners and flags it looked like a very significant display of pro-monarchist sentiment.  Most of the flags were monarchist.


Ed said...

Do you think some in Russia want Putin to be made Czar?

John (Ad Orientem) said...

You mean other than Putin and some of his cronies? No. I think almost all Russian monarchists are legitimists, including the hierarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church. The Grand Duchess Maria is widely regarded as the heir to the imperial throne.