Sunday, November 22, 2015

JFK, Lee Harvey Oswald and 50 years of conspiracy nonsense

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rabidgandhi said...

tl;dnw... (1.5 hrs!), but still... not that I want to micturate on anyone's daffodils, but i never understood the obsession with the JFK assassination whoddunit.

With the transfer of power in 1965 the country switched from one belligerent cold warrior president in the person of JFK (Bay of Pigs, alleged soviet 'missile gap', Indonesian coup...) to a reasonable facsimile of JFK in the person of LBJ, who continued most of his bellicose policies (plus the addition of the Great Society).

If anything, the JFK assassination shows the continuity of US foreign policy regardless of who is sitting in the oval office (eg, Bush/Obama), so why all of the fuss? (looking at you Oliver Stone). Sure it's a tragedy that someone got killed, but the idea that this was some kind of historical flexion point has no factual basis.