Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Venezuela Ran out of Other People’s Money

"The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people's money to spend." -Margaret Thatcher
Venezuelans rejected socialism. They’ve run out of other people’s money; the long lines to buy basic food and toilet paper did not help either. The mainstream media has glossed over this massive defeat of President Nicolas Maduro’s socialism.  In a great St. Nick gift, his opposition took back control of the National Assembly in a landslide election on December 6, 2015

According to the National Electoral Council, the Democratic Unity coalition won 99 of the 167 seats in the National Assembly, a legislative majority, while the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela won 46 seats.  If the opposition wins 13 of the 22 remaining races, it will gain a two-thirds supermajority, possibly running a referendum to get rid of Maduro before his term expires in 2019. A simple majority could amnesty all political prisoners.
Of the 19 million registered voters, 74 percent showed up to cast their ballots, a huge turnout, a sign that people have grown weary and tired of sixteen years of Hugo Chavez style socialism that brought Venezuela to the brink of destruction.

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lannes said...

Maybe he was no saint, but I always had a soft spot in my heart for Hugo Chavez.

rabidgandhi said...

I guffawed out loud when I read this in the article:

"The mainstream media has glossed over this massive defeat of President Nicolas Maduro’s socialism."

Obviously in The Canada Free Press's universe the "mainstream media" does not include:

The New York Times

The Washington Post


Fox News

... plus literally hundreds of other articles (just about all of which you will note are highly critical of the PSUV government).

Writing from a South American country not named Venezuela, all of us down here have been pretty bewildered for quite some time as to why you up north, contrary to the claims of the article, are so overly obsessed with Venezuela. One would like to think it has to do with something besides the fact that Venezuela is the country down here with the largest proven petroleum reserves, but the evidence points otherwise.