Saturday, September 17, 2016

Nigel Farage: Going out with a bang

Nigel Farage, Britain's ordinary Joe politician who lead a political party and then his country out of the European Union (without ever being elected to Westminster) has resigned as the head of UKIP. Famous for his low key style and loathing of all things PC he smoked and drank (sometimes excessively) in public. If Nigel wasn't where he was expected to be, the first place everyone looked for him was "down the pub." It has now emerged that on his last night as leader of UKIP he did what more than a few of us might fantasize about doing on retirement or quitting a job we never liked.

He got loaded and went for a midnight dip, au naturale according to at least one source, off the Bournemouth pier.

Anyways, best wishes wherever life takes you Nigel. And if by some fluke we should ever meet, the first round is on me.

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