Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Pope proposes ‘new beatitudes for a new age’

MALMO, Sweden, November 1, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – Pope Francis posed a new list of beatitudes for modern Christians today during his Mass at the end of the papal trip to Sweden for the Protestant Reformation’s fifth centenary. Among the issues he promoted through the list were his high-profile concerns for the environment and ecumenism.

The pope’s “new beatitudes for saints of a new age,” as the U.S. Bishops’ Catholic News Service dubbed them, came during his All Saints Day Mass homily at an open-air stadium in Malmo, during which he also invoked Sweden’s most celebrated saint to highlight the ecumenical purpose of his trip.

Though widely taken by media in the sense described by Catholic News Service, the pope’s prepared text for the homily does not describe as “new beatitudes.” However, Vatican Radio’s own report on the homily refers to them similarly as the pope’s “suggested list of modern Beatitudes.”

The beatitudes are “in some sense the Christian’s identity card,” he told those present at the Mass, and they “identify us as followers of Jesus.”

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Jesus clearly forgot these. I'm sure He appreciates the Pope's editing.


lannes said...

So Frank the modernist thinks he can do better than the Lord in formulating the beatitudes?

sjgmore said...

I pray that the Holy Father has a long and happy.... retirement. And soon.

For all of the talk about his folksy charisma and down-to-earth humble charm, he has struck me, since day one of his pontificate, as a supercilious, humorless scold.

He has a reputation for being so open-minded and tolerant, but there's almost no one more tyrannical than a boor who thinks everyone should be equally boorish.

Han said...

Why stop at the Beatitudes? Just re-write the Gospel, and drop the mask already.