Monday, September 25, 2017

A "Filial Correction" of Pope Francis is issued

A handful of laymen, academics and brave clergy have issued a formal correction to the Pope of Rome. I am saddened that the only bishop who has signed it (thus far) is Mgr. Fellay of the SSPX. That said, it is a beginning.

Read it here.

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sjgmore said...

I've seen a lot of comments upset that no bishops but Fellay have signed this document. For what it's worth, my understanding is that the "filial correction" is the first step in a larger coordinated effort. When the idea of a "correction" was first floated by people like Cardinal Burke, it was always called a "fraternal" correction. I presume that the "filial" correction is to demonstrate the "sensus fidelium" of faithful Catholics, and a "fraternal" correction will follow at a later date from Catholic prelates, assuming the Holy Father remains intransigent (which is likely).

In that case, Fellay's presence among the signatories is a sign that he is presenting himself, not as a Catholic prelate, but as a member of the faithful, considering the unresolved status of the SSPX.