Tuesday, March 20, 2018

California's population decline continues despite strong economy

The state ranks near the top in cost of living which is driving out lower and middle class families. And with the highest taxes in the country even those who can afford to live there are looking for greener pastures, or at least a state that doesn't treat them as human ATMs for politicians constantly looking for more money.



Ingemar said...

Declining population? Who cares as long as we keep importing Latinos and Indians?

"Strong economy." Huh.

I think California is what Singapore would be if the latter lacked discipline, conscientiousness and morality.

123 said...

It seems as if what this article is talking about is net migration out of CA alone, which is not the same as a decrease in population. The population can grow organically by native Californians breeding and staying in CA at the same time as more people leave the state than moved into it. Two different measures.

In fact over the same time period thus article focuses on, the CA population grew from 39,250,017 to 39,536,653. So, CA grew by +286,636 people while having a net loss of -138,000 at the same time. https://www.census.gov/quickfacts/CA

This article would seem to be tickling the ears of those conservatives who want to believe overreaching blue state govt simply must force people to move to paradisical libertarian red states.