Thursday, April 19, 2018

John Kasich is Testing the Waters for Possible 2020 run against Trump

John Kasich's political allies are reaching out to GOP mega donors, seeing if they’d back him in a run against Trump in 2020.

I haven't gotten any calls, but where do I send my non-mega check?


August said...

If he's a standard Repub, he doesn't have a chance.

Both parties seem hell bent right now on not appealing to this massive voting base that obviously exists- and I'm not talking about the illegals that vote in California.

Nearly everyone I hear being talked about demonstrated the leadership of both parties haven't learned their lesson. Or maybe they did- maybe the reason they won't listen is that they thought they had the process locked down and didn't realize someone could actually win the vote after all their illegal fixing of it.

If they were interested in actually winning the vote, they'd try to figure out how to appeal to Trump voters. But watch them try to do Romney, which is never going to work.

Chris said...

Are you kidding? Kasich is a bloviating arrogant fool. He acts as petulantly as Trump does when he doesn't get his way. He stayed in the Republican Primary last time even though he had no shot at the delegates because he thought "he needed to be there." He has a Messianic dimension to him believing that only he can save all of us. Give me a break. GIve me someone who will just campaign on leaving me the hell alone so I can live my own life and not have to answer to bloviating cry-babies like him.

unreconstructed rebel said...

What the Republicans refuse to understand is that if they had run anybody else, and I do mean anybody, against Hillary, she would have won.

August said...

I think it's worse- if Trump had not run and a Republican happened to win, it wouldn't have mattered. Jeb and others would have continued to invade and invite the world. They would pretend all important issues require changes to the personnel on the supreme court, but fail to get those personnel changes done.

The Anti-Gnostic said...


My last recollection of Kasich is that pseudo nomination--complete with the red, white, blue balloon shower--that the Ohio Republicans threw for him after he won the primary in his own state. Kasich was absolutely giddy. I agree, there is something off about the man.

At some point we'll move beyond all this Principled Principletarianism and recognize that politics is about the exercise of power. So it's not what your politician supports; it's whether they support you.

CJ said...

Trump will crush him. Kasich wouldn't even win Ohio this time. His only chance to avoid a complete wipe out would be the Mormon states.