Saturday, January 05, 2019

New Ukrainian Church and Greek Rite Catholics Pledge Cooperation

According to information published by the Ukrainian website RISU, “the primate of the Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Ukraine and the Patriarch of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (Uniate) have already met and agreed to work out a roadmap, in order to deepen the relationships between the two Churches”.

In an interview with the Ukrainian TV channel Pryamyy, Metropolitan Epifaniy declared...

 “We have outlined a definite path for our future cooperation, and from now on, we will seek for points of convergence that will unite us, in the field of spiritual education and other areas of our lives. Ad hoc commissions will be created by our Orthodox Church and by the Greek Catholic Church, and we are developing the roadmap for our cooperation”.

He stressed that the Greek Catholic Church of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Kyiv Patriarchate) have always had a common goal, namely to work for the development of the Ukrainian State. This is a permanent goal.

As reported, Patriarch Svyatoslav (Shevchuk), the head of the Ukrainian-Greek Catholic Church contacted Metropolitan Epifaniy, the Primate of the Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Ukraine. He wrote that, in the name of his Church, he was reaching out to Epifaniy and all the Orthodox brethren, offering them to journey together towards unity.



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maximus said...

Archimandrite Cyril Hovorun believes that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church now has a chance to embark on its own aggiornamento, the word used to describe the new position of the Catholic Church after Vatican II, which radically changed its relationship with modern society, making it more open and dynamic.

Hmmmm, indeed!