Friday, March 08, 2019

Church of Norway apologizes for previous pro-life stance

March 4, 2019 (Live Action News) — In Norway, the largest Christian denomination is the Church of Norway, with an estimated 70% of Norwegians registered as members. Originally, the church was the official religion of Norway, with mandatory membership, but today, the church and the state have become separated. The church has likewise historically been pro-life, while Norway allows for legal abortion. However, the bishops of the Church of Norway recently released a statement actually apologizing for the church's pro-life stance and stunningly (and incorrectly) claiming that abortion "promotes women's health, safety and security."

"When the law of self-determined abortion was dealt with and adopted in the 1970s, the church was a clear opponent of the changes that were introduced," the statement began. "Priests and others were strong and clear in their criticism of the law for the purpose of protecting the unborn life. Today, we realize that the church's argumentation did not allow for a good dialogue. It's time to create a new conversation climate. We want to contribute to that."

The new conversation, evidently, means acknowledging that abortion needs to be legal, despite also arguing that preborn babies are, indeed, human beings deserving of protection. The statement read, stunningly:
A society with legal access to abortion is a better society than a society without such access. It prevents illegal abortions and promotes women's health, safety and security. It is not least evident in a global perspective. Internationally, we see that churches are still contributing to the burden of many pregnant women in vulnerable positions.
In Norway, abortion is legal through 12 weeks, and can be approved through 18 weeks if a woman files an application (most of which are approved). More bizarrely, the church still apologizes for not being committed enough to "women's liberation and rights."

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unreconstructed rebel said...

Of the twelve bishops of the Church of Norway, six (yes (six]) are women. Why are we surprised by this?

William Tighe said...
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William Tighe said...

Yes, six and six; see:

As to the other Scandinavian Lutheran churches, the Church of Denmark has six male and five female bishops, the Faroe Islands Church (independent of the Church of Denmark since 2007) has a male bishop, the Bishop of the Church of Iceland is a female bishops (and of the two assistant bishops there one is a male, the other a female), the Church of Sweden has eight male bishops and six female bishops, and while all ten current bishops of the Church of Finland are males, it had one female bishop, Irja Askola, Bishop of Helsinki from 2010 to 2017 (and the first Finnish Lutheran bishop to advocate same-sex pseudogamy and to bless a same-sex "partnership").

The Little Myrmidon said...

So, they're calling for "good dialogue" and "new conversation." Translation: "We'll keep on yammering until you're worn out and can't continue the fight."