Saturday, June 06, 2020

Greek Orthodox Synod says "No" to yoga

Yoga has been called 'absolutely incompatible' with the Christian faith by the Greek Orthodox Church and frown upon people using it to combat coronavirus quarantine stress.

The church's Holy Synod, made up of the patriarch and senior bishops, announced on Wednesday that yoga had 'no place in the lives of Christians', as it is a fundamental part of the religion of Hinduism.

The church urges Orthodox Christians to avoid practising yoga, after millions of people have turned to the activity to combat stress and keep fit indoors amid the coronavirus lockdown.

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bob said...

Sigh. I guess the bishops et al have never heard of stretching muscles that wasn't specifically a Hindu religion? This worries them MORE than the dictator crossing himself & lighting candles in churches?

Stephen said...

Such courage.

The Anti-Gnostic said...

Most Orthodox Christian rulers were more despotic and ruthless than Vladimir Putin. There is absolutely no support in the Tradition for secular democracy and Pride Parades.