Thursday, September 13, 2007

Many Years!

To Met. +Daniel Ciubotea of Moldava who has been elected to be the sixth Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church. +Daniel is widely seen as a member of the progressive (a relative term in Orthodoxy) wing of the hierarchy. He is an academic with a strong background in theology and has been the leading representative of the Romanian Church in ecumenical discussions with other religious confessions, notably the Roman Catholic Church. Some observers are opining that his election represents a defeat for the "old guard." The Romanian Orthodox Church is the worlds second largest Orthodox jurisdiction with about 20 million members (after the Russian Church with over 100 million).

Read the story here

And a Roman Catholic perspective here.


Anonymous said...


Fr. Kevin Gregory said...

ANaxios? Why?

Ad Orientem said...

Hmmm. I am somewhat embarrassed to say that I did not even notice that. It's too late now. But had I caught that I think I would have deleted such a comment that is both anonymous and without any explanation.

Anonymous said...


Because he is a freemason and fanatic ecumenist.

Ad Orientem said...

You have evidence of his Free Masonry? If not it is not appropriate to be spreading rumors. Also please have the courtesy to sign your name when making accusations. I will not permit anonymous and unsubstantiated attacks of this nature on my web site.