Wednesday, September 05, 2007

An outrageous comment

According to the UPI the below remarks were made by the Nigerian (Anglican) Bishop +Isaac Orama of Uyo.
Sept. 2 (UPI) -- Uyo, Sept. 2, 2007 (NAN) The Anglican Bishop of Uyo, Rt. Rev. Isaac Orama, has condemned the activities of homosexuals and lesbians, and described those engaged in them as "insane people''. "It is scaring that any one should be involved in a thing like that and I want to say that they will not escape the wrath of God,'' he said. Orama told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) today in Uyo, that the practice, which has worsened over the years, was "unbiblical and against God's purpose for creating man''. Homosexuals - 2 "Homosexuality and lesbianism are inhuman. Those who practice them are insane, satanic and are not fit to live because they are rebels to God's purpose for man,'' the Bishop said. He noted that the Anglican Church in Nigeria had continued to lead the fight against the practice especially in the US where it led the opposition to same sex marriages. "The aim of such fight is to provide a safe place for those who want to remain faithful Anglicans and Biblical Christians,'' he explained.(NAN) NS/IFY/ETS
This prompted me to take the unusual step of posting the below comment over at Fr. Jake's site (yes, that Fr. Jake) where +Orama's comments were receiving much attention.
Bp +Orama's comments are repulsive and shock the conscience. I condemn them unreservedly. The only thing that is satanic here is whatever could impel a servant of God to make such remarks about any of God's children.
Whatever one's opinions regarding the current problems in many of the mainline Protestant sects and their alarming departure from Christian orthodoxy, this clearly is way over the top. I am not normally in the habit of advising other churches about matters of internal discipline, but Bp. +Orama needs to be called on the carpet for this . No one who calls themselves a Christian and wishes to be so recognized by any decent person should feel anything other than revulsion and yes, anger over these comments.


The young fogey said...

I posted something similar in another com-box there in which I'd been active the past few days.

Fr David said...

Over at Restorative Theology I concluded a post with:
I’d like to take issue with the folks who continue to equate homosexual acts with homosexual persons. The bishop DID NOT SAY THAT HOMOSEXUALS ARE INHUMAN. According to the article the bishop said, quite accurately, that homosexual activity is inhuman. God has explained what human behavior looks like, and homosexual activity never factors into that. That’s why homosexual acts are always sinful. And that’s the difference between homosexuality and homosexuals.

Alcoholism is an example. An alcoholic has a condition which means s/he must not engage in the consumption of alcohol. Except for any latent attitudes and the psychological complications that usually attend, the alcoholic is not engaged in sinful behavior when not drinking. In the same way, homosexuals have a condition which means they must not engage in same sex activities.

A case in point: Gene Robinson may, in fact, have been called by God to become a bishop. However the rightness and efficacy of his ordination is marred through his unrepentant lifestyle and continued sinful behavior. Had he been celibate (and I’m skipping the whole part of his divorce…), he would have been acceptable. Whether he could now repent of his”lifestyle” and become celibate and be considered acceptable would be at the discretion of godly bishops.

I conclude be stating that any and all "living in sin" is insane. Those who persist will die. This is theological truth. However Scripture says ALL HAVE SINNED AND FALL SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD and THE WAGES OF SIN ARE DEATH. These are two statements which equally apply to me.