Tuesday, June 24, 2008

SSPX Rapprochement?

There are a number of reports in both the press and on the internet suggesting that the Holy See may have offered the schismatic Roman Catholic traditionalist Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) a deal to restore them to full communion with the church. I caution the reader that such reports have made the rounds before only to be shown up as rumors without foundation. That said, there are some points which cause me to treat these reports as not completely lacking in credibility.

First the reports are being posted by normally reliable sources. Secondly at least some in the SSPX seem to be confirming that something big may be imminent. And thirdly, unlike with most of the false rumors, this one has a date definitive mentioned (the 28th of June). This not only gives us a date, but it also is only a very short time away. Am I skeptical? I always am skeptical whenever reports of this nature surface about the SSPX. But others whose opinions I respect are taking this seriously. So I am not dismissing it.

I recommend the coverage over at Rorate Caeli which has a long track record for reporting on all things Traditionalist that is both well sourced and accurate.

UPDATE 06-24-08 @ 1045 PST: The rumors are true. Rorate has the text of the letter.

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Anonymous said...

Hi John,

I'd just like to express my deep appreciation of your views on rorate-caeli. It provides a wider view on things, especially in light of SSPX (hopefully) coming into normal relations with RC Church. Please, do not stop contributing to rorate-caeli and other RC blogs, despite the harsh counter comments! We will be home in one Church one day, this I am sure. So keep it up 'Eastern Schismatic'.

In Christo,