Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Arlen Specter Defects

Looks like all the right wing conservatives who are running the GOP got a wish come true today today. Sen. Arlen Specter of PA, one of the last moderate Republicans in the Senate, has announced he is going over to the Democrats. No real surprise here. If you tell someone they are not welcome in your party often enough and long enough they will eventually get the message. They have been gunning for Specter for years saying he was a RINO and not a true Republican as they sponsored primary challenegs within the GOP against him. I hope the GOP likes its permanent minority status.

Congrats to all the neo cons and social conservative hard liners on their great victory. Now the Democrats have a filibuster proof majority in the Senate. Welcome to one party rule.


Wordsmyth said...

Specter will do what he needs to do in order to keep his Senate seat. This may require voting with the GOP from time to time. The Dems don't necessarily have a filibuster-proof 60.

Joseph said...

What else can they do to stop the society's drift leftwards? Accommodation to statist beliefs shifts the center -- and the necessary "compromises" -- to the left. Look at what has happened in the last 80 years.

I think that the "hard-line conservative" strategy is to pursue that old time religion as a small minority, let the majority fumble things up and disgust the (ever apolitical) electorate, and then regain power and implement things that they have failed to do because of their big tent policy. Or, in not implement changes, then at least to stop a further leftist drift what in the status quo.

Remember, government agencies once established never go away. Enthusiastic recipients of public funding will always win out over the general grumble of tax payers.

So, if one finds statism and socialism opbjectionable in principle and by experience, there are not to many other options out there . . . "Let them win and fail, and then we may have a chance."

Joseph said...

Yikes. Sorry for the typos. Silly, silly me!