Thursday, April 30, 2009

Attempted Regicide

H.M. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands

Five persons have been killed and at least a dozen seriously hurt in what appears to have been an assassination attempt on H.M. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and other members of the Dutch Royal Family. The attack occurred during a parade honoring H.M. on the occasion of Queen Day, a national holiday in the Netherlands. The assassin attacked by driving his car through police barricades and aiming at an open air bus carrying the Queen and members of the Royal Family. In the course of his attack the driver plowed into numerous bystanders and eventually crashed his car.

Please pray for all those affected by this crime.


The young fogey said...

I'm surprised. Must have been a random madman. I understand the Dutch like most of the Scandinavian countries love their low-key 'bicycle monarchs'.

Michael said...

How awful! You know, I never really consider myself pro-monarchy until I hear or hear of anything expression opposition, then my back arches. Isn't that odd? I suppose it's one of those things that just is, and I don't like those things being challenged. It makes me uncomfortable.

Joseph said...

Sad story.

There is some very gruesome footage that you can see online. I came across several sites that featured many bloody photographs of the victims and the driver. Growing up, I do not remember the media ever having showed dead bodies. In the age of the web, all is permissible.