Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Church of England will ordain women bishops. Get over it – or leave

From Damian Thompson...
I don’t belong to a Church which makes decisions about something as fundamental as the ordination of women priests by voting in a quasi-parliamentary General Synod. But, if I did, and if that Church then prepared to take the logical step of ordaining women bishops, I’d ask myself a simple question. Will these ordinations be valid? Then I stay. Invalid? Then I go.
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parepidemos said...

Hmm, Mr Thompson belongs to the Roman branch of the Catholic Church; they have made many decisions by means of voting in what are called oecumenical councils. He can, I think, be a tad simplistic and snooty.

I refrain from making any comment regarding the ecclesiastical jostling of the General Synod of the sad C of E.

Anonymous said...

The Roman catholic church should put her house in order before inviting dissafected Anglicans to join her. It is a well known fact that homosexuality and child abuse are rampant in that church. It is pure hyprocrisy.