Saturday, February 20, 2010

CPAC Presidential Straw Pole: And the winner is...


Calling this a surprising development would be putting it mildly. The annual convention of the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) held its straw pole for presidential candidates today. In a major upset the decisive winner was libertarian leaning congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) who has occasionally infuriated social conservatives and neo-cons with his unsparing criticism of George Bush's colonial adventurism in Iraq and the appalling lack of fiscal responsibility during his presidency.

Rep. Paul is an advocate of among other things...
  • A mind our own business foreign policy (translation: he is an old fashioned isolationist).
  • Sound money (ending the fiat paper currency and returning to the gold standard).
  • Balanced budgets. Yea they all say that. But unlike most Washington pols; he really means it.
  • A policy of governmental neutrality when it comes to the culture wars. He believes that it's not the government's job to legislate religious or moral beliefs.
I have no idea if this is a fluke or not. But I find it rather encouraging. For the record I think Ron Paul is a man who desperately wants to turn the clock back to the 18th century. And no, I am not really comfortable with everything he advocates for. But I do respect him greatly. He is (for a politician) relatively honest and you always know where he stands.

Read the story here.

Update: More encouraging signs... the ultra rightwing birther- militia- secessionist- the Bible is the US Constitution crowd over at Free Republic are having a collective stroke over this.


Anonymous said...

Principaled people are attractive, especially in these times. Paul is a crank - especially in economics - but might even do more good than harm. A more collegial foreign policy, for one thing, would be most welcome.

JLB said...

Just a grammatical quibble:

As I understand it, you don't "advocate for" something, you "advocate" it.

That being said...this is rather astonishing news, and while I also have serious disagreements with many of the stated positions of Rep. Paul, I also find his integrity admirable, and thus am rather delighted at this show of support for such a politician.