Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Is J D Hayworth the new face of the Republican Party?

When Arizona's bitter Republican primary election arrives in August, it is likely to be 102 degrees in the shade, of which there is little. It is the kind of weather in which only the hearty and highly motivated venture outdoors -- Gila monsters and Tea Party activists. Which may not be good news for Sen. John McCain, who is generally disliked by the latter.

A recent poll puts McCain just five points ahead of J.D. Hayworth, a former congressman and radio talk show host who aspires to be Arizona's Samuel Adams. McCain operatives dispute that the race is this close, but they cannot dispute that McCain is running in a political environment in which absolutely anything could happen to an incumbent.
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orrologion said...

If JD Hayworth (and Sarah Palin) is the face of the new Republican Party, I can tell you who isn't a Republican... me. For that matter, the same goes with the uncomfortably and oh so obviously immoderate version of John McCain - this is a bit he took up toward the end of his Presidential campaign, too, and he's doing it again to fend off Hayworth.

John (Ad Orientem) said...

I'm afraid I have to agree with you. I am really close to de-registering from the GOP for the first time in my life. The party of Lincoln seems to be rapidly becoming the party of Jefferson Davis with a lot of tin foil hats thrown in for good measure.

This country desperately needs a rational center right party. And right now it doesn't have one.

David said...

I have already de-registered and when I did (at a GOP booth) the booth workers marked out my selection and marked Republican, I complained to the County Registar and changed my affiliation to Decline to state. I worked in the GOP for 15 years, I have just become disgusted with the GOP rewriting of history when it comes to Reagan. People accept anyone who says "I am a Reagan Republican" when it isn't so. I have book after book on Reagan, I know people who knew and worked for Reagan. This new breed of Fox news anti-intellectuals are not Reagan Republicans. I thought I was alone for the longest time. It is nice to know I am one of many.

Ed said...

I'm with you guys. I've been a pretty loyal Republican for my entire life, but Sarah Palin looks exactly like the Bostonian Ivy-League elite want her to look like: an idiot. The fact that she is so wildly popular amongst so much of the Republican Party freaks me out.

I really don't know much about Scott Brown, but I believe he may be a genuine fiscal conservative. I'd like to see him run for the Big One in 2012. Sadly, I am preparing myself mentally instead for a Obama-Palin showdown. UGH!

Palin in the opposition is the one thing that could make me even think of voting for a second term for our spendaholic President. yeesh!