Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Archbishop of Canterbury wants a say in planning for Anglican (Catholic) ordinariates

The Archbishop of Canterbury has said that Anglican leaders should be involved in the planning for ordinariates that are established to accommodate the pastoral needs of Anglicans entering the Catholic Church.

Dr. Rowan Williams, who is traveling in India, told an interviewer for The Hindu that he was “very taken aback” when Pope Benedict moved to establish the ordinariates “without any real consultation” with the Anglican leadership. Now that the move has been made, he said, “we are trying to make sure that there is a joint group which will keep an eye on how it’s going to happen.”

The worldwide leader of the Anglican communion did not provide any rationale for expecting a voice in planning for the care of people who are, after all, leaving his faith community. But he did offer a practical reason for expecting that Catholic bishops might accede to his wishes. “In England, relations between the Church of England and Roman Catholic bishops are very warm and very close,” he said. “I think we are able to work together on this and not find it a difficulty.”

If the English Catholic bishops are prepared to move forward with the ordinariates at a pace that will not cause any "difficulty" for the Church of England, the entry of Anglicans into the Catholic Church may proceed very slowly.

What's Latin for "Fat Chance!"?


Doodler said...

i hear sounds of stable doors shutting and horses galloping away!

bob said...

The Pope should ask for Williams to assist in demanding church buildings back from the Crown as the congregations decide to leave. I believe every, without exception, church, chapel, monastery, whatever, was stolen from the Roman Catholic Church in the Henry VIII unpleasantness? Increasingly Anglicans have no use whatever for them as they have no use for Christianity. To get in to some Anglican churches (old ones, too) you have to go next door to the convenience store to ask the clerk to unlock the door. Rowan Williams should be that cashier and nothing more.

Stephen said...

atfay hancecay