Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Europe sees return of horse drawn trash wagons

Horse-drawn rubbish carts are making a comeback decades after the demise of the rag-and-bone man in new trials by Suez Environnement, the European waste and recyling company.

Suez Environnement, the owner of Sita UK, is trying out the new horse-drawn bin lorries in cities across France - saving petrol money and therefore carbon dioxide emissions.

The company, which collects the bins for 62 UK councils, said initial data from the regions shows that people are recycling 15pc to 17pc more waste than before, as they are reminded of the need to be eco-friendly.

"It seems as though the mere presence of horses makes households think and act with more of an environmental conscience," a spokesman said.

The first areas in France to see horses trotting the streets to collect waste are Beauvais three parishes near Troyes, Verdun, Vendargue and Sezanne, where collections started in April and May this year.

If the trials are successful, the use of horses could be expanded further across Suez's operations in suitable locations.
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Anonymous said...

Then, they'll need someone to pick up the horses' "trash" afterwards. Seems like extra work.

Saponaria said...

Apparently "anonymous" didn't look at the picture. There is something behind the horses arse that catches it's manure. Something that is in no way trash and I'd gladly have deposited on my property.