Monday, July 18, 2011

How hot is it? Triple-digit heat buckles roads in Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA CITY — The Upper Midwest was feeling some unaccustomed heat on Monday, but folks in Oklahoma were having it even worse: In Oklahoma City, they're expecting a 28th day of triple-digit heat, and several roads across the state have buckled from the stress.

Two lanes of a major interstate in downtown Oklahoma City were closed Monday morning after buckling on a bridge caused steel expansion joints to rise, damaging cars as they passed over.

The city, which is forecast to reach 103 degrees on Monday, is on pace to break its record for days at 100 or above — 50 set in 1980 — with triple-digit heat possible through September.

It's even worse in western Oklahoma, where temperatures at 110 or above have been common in recent weeks. In Enid, asphalt at a major intersection along U.S. Highway 412 buckled Saturday night from the intense heat.

The heat wave is set to press on this week, with high humidity adding to the misery.

Heat indexes are predicted to stay in the triple digits, and the oppressive temperatures are likely to spread to the East Coast later in the week.
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Matushka Anna said...

That's TOO. HOT.

Unknown said...

Ugh. Be glad you're not here in Oklahoma. It's MISERABLE.