William (aka Bill the Godfather)

William (aka Bill the Godfather)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Man Sues Couple He Kidnapped

You know, especially given all the time we spent together and the long talks we had after I invaded your home and held you at knifepoint, I thought you were people I could trust. We shared a meal together, for God's sake. Yes, it was just Cheetos and Dr. Pepper, but I was so hungry from a long day of fleeing that to me it was like Thanksgiving. We even watched "Patch Adams," because you said that's what you wanted to watch, not because I like that movie. But the minute I fall asleep, you go and escape, which meant the police could come in and arrest me. I mean, I thought we had an understanding.

And that is why I'm suing you for breach of contract.
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M. Jordan Lichens said...

Funny, I had a conversation with a law school friend who swore to high heaven that there was no such thing as a ridiculous lawsuit.