Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Man Sues Couple He Kidnapped

You know, especially given all the time we spent together and the long talks we had after I invaded your home and held you at knifepoint, I thought you were people I could trust. We shared a meal together, for God's sake. Yes, it was just Cheetos and Dr. Pepper, but I was so hungry from a long day of fleeing that to me it was like Thanksgiving. We even watched "Patch Adams," because you said that's what you wanted to watch, not because I like that movie. But the minute I fall asleep, you go and escape, which meant the police could come in and arrest me. I mean, I thought we had an understanding.

And that is why I'm suing you for breach of contract.
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HT: Brian

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M. Jordan Lichens said...

Funny, I had a conversation with a law school friend who swore to high heaven that there was no such thing as a ridiculous lawsuit.