Tuesday, May 14, 2013

North Carolina May Ban Tesla Sales To Prevent “Unfair Competition”

No. I'm not making this up.
From the state that brought you the nation’s first ban on climate science comes another legislative gem: a bill that would prohibit automakers from selling their cars in the state.

The proposal, which the Raleigh News & Observer reports was unanimously approved by the state’s Senate Commerce Committee on Thursday, would apply to all car manufacturers, but the intended target is clear. It’s aimed at Tesla, the only U.S. automaker whose business model relies on selling cars directly to consumers, rather than through a network of third-party dealerships.

The bill is being pushed by the North Carolina Automobile Dealers Association, a trade group representing the state’s franchised dealerships. Its sponsor is state Sen. Tom Apodaca, a Republican from Henderson, who has said the goal is to prevent unfair competition between manufacturers and dealers. What makes it “unfair competition” as opposed to plain-old “competition”—something Republicans are typically inclined to favor—is not entirely clear. After all, North Carolina doesn’t seem to have a problem with Apple selling its computers online or via its own Apple Stores.
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Jason said...

NC was controlled by Democrats for most of the modern era. McCrory became the first GOP governer since the 1980's in 2012, and finds himself leading a GOP majority - a majority that took hold just a few years ago becoming the first GOP-led NC legislature since Reconstruction. They are truly acting strange and quickly attempting to spend all of their political capital and lose all credibility as fast as possible. I've never seen anything like it.

Since McCrory took office, the supposed "small government" GOP in NC has moved quickly to expand government control and ownership over a myriad of areas like the Charlotte airport and municipal water authorities. Now, we see them acting against competition in the marketplace - something that, at least rhetorically, the GOP claims to forever protect.

They have puzzled and frustrated a lot of voters, as McCrory was moderate when he governed Charlotte as mayor. If he keeps allowing these yahoos to rule the roost, he'll find himself a one-termer.

The Anti-Gnostic said...

I have worked with a number of car dealerships. Some are flexible, service-centered and run by solid folks. Most are dysfunctional, archaic business models.