Thursday, May 09, 2013

Political Humor From Britain

The traditions of the House of Commons are quite different from  our more sedate speechifying in the House and Senate where as often as not speeches are delivered to a dead silent and more or less empty chamber. In Britain the Prime Minister and the Cabinet are expected to appear for a weekly grilling called "Question Time." In this and major debates on important subjects there is a lot of heated back and forth with much shouting and jeering in the Commons. And being a good parliamentary debater means being quick with the cutting and or witty remark.


Patrick Sheridan said...

The Whigs and Tories used to have duels in the House of Commons, drank at separate coffee houses and pubs and generally had nothing to do with each other outside the House. Politics mattered very deeply to contemporaries, much more so than to-day.

Visibilium said...

Unfortunately, the venerable tradition of beheading Speakers died out.