Saturday, September 07, 2013

Australia: Conservatives Bury Labour in Landslide Election

Conservative leader Tony Abbott has celebrated a landslide victory in Australia's general election, after reducing the Labour Party to its worst result in a century with promises of tough action against immigrants and scrapping a tax on carbon emissions.

The 55-year-old British-born former student boxer was long regarded as unelectable even by some of his own ranks and struggled to connect with voters, particularly women, thanks to sometimes abrasive style.

But he steered the Liberal-National coalition back to power after six years in opposition amid widespread disillusion with years of infighting in the ruling party.
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Mr. Abbott is cool on military interventionism, a staunchly conservative Catholic and a monarchist. All in all it was a good day down under.

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gabriel said...

Even Kevin Rudd was not that bad by the international standards, but Tony Abbott has immediately become my favourite elected head of government in the world.