Saturday, September 21, 2013

Here we go again...

WASHINGTON — House Republicans muscled through a stopgap bill Friday that would fund the government only if all spending for President Obama’s health care law is eliminated. Senate Democrats and President Obama quickly made it clear they had no intention of going along, putting the government on a course toward a shutdown unless one side relents. 

The 230-to-189 party-line vote in a bitterly divided House set in motion a fiscal confrontation with significant implications — politically and economically — but with an uncertain ending. Without a resolution, large parts of the government could shut down Oct. 1, and a first-ever default on federal debt could follow weeks later. 
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This is what a politically damaged White House has been praying for. Some people are just lousy at history. That, or they are politically dumber than a box of rocks. In these kinds of battles the President ALWAYS wins and he will win again in this fight. Why?  Because he knows that the House GOP can't keep the government shutdown forever, (and yes, they are the ones doing this), nor can they allow the US to default on its debt. (Though I concede that there really are some who are so extreme in their views that they would like to see this.)

Memo to the GOP... never take hostages unless you are prepared to shoot them.


James the Thickheaded said...

After the Navy Yard, choice of words in your concluding sentence is a bit off.

That said, the unfortunate irony is the bit about a deadbeat President who's never had any intention of relating his spending ambitions to available revenues... and they give him the opportunity to call out others as deadbeats. Now that's rich.

lannes said...

The Republican effort to de-fund Obamacare may well be a lost cause,
but it's better than taking it lying down -- which I shrewdly suspect you have done many times.