Saturday, March 22, 2014

A comment and a reply

A comment recently added to an old thread...
lannes said...
There are others less cowardly than you who will publish my comment about same-sex marriage.

I think maybe you should take a careful look at the guidelines for commenting that I have long had linked in the sidebar of the blog. Your commentary of late has become decidedly uncivil. I have no issues with strong opinions, or with criticism. But I do have limits. If you are just coming here to be obnoxious or provoke an internet fight, perhaps you should start your own blog. That's not what this one is for.

Here is the bottom line though. My blog = my house = my rules. When you comment here, you are doing so as a guest. Comport yourself accordingly or you will be asked not to return. For now you are welcome to continue to comment. But tone it down.

Under the mercy

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