Monday, April 21, 2014

Bright Week

The icon for Bright Monday

Bright Week and the forty days of Pascha (Easter) are a period of celebration as we rejoice in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. In recognition of this we observe certain customs, and relax various disciplines as an expression of this joy. To whit there is no fasting until the second Wednesday following Pascha.  Penitential disciplines of any kind are a no no during Bright Week as we are feasting with the Bridegroom. This is true even in monasteries. While monastics will keep their abstinence from meat, they too will be feasting on fish, cheeses and sweets.

In our church temples the royal doors will be open throughout Bright Week, even during liturgies.

And finally both kneeling and prostrations, whether at home or in church, are prohibited for forty days following Pascha.


Rob Hall said...

That icon of Bright Monday is stunning. Must be an ancient Russian variation.

Christos Voskrese!

The Anti-Gnostic said...

Cheeseburger - the staff of life.

Fr Nathan Thompson said...

I'm aghast that you would present this as an "Orthodox icon." Someone as well informed as you should know it's from the schismatic Orthodox Catholic Kosher Patriarchate of Cedar Rapids and dependencies. The canonical icon has bacon.