Sunday, July 13, 2014

I am probably the last one to get the memo

But yes, Damian Thompson has parted ways with the Telegraph. I was wondering why his blog had not been updated for weeks. If anyone gets word on where he has moved to or any new blog, please drop me a line.


Conchúr said...

He's moved to The Spectator:

John (Ad Orientem) said...


William G. said...

That's dreadfully sad news, probably the worst thing to befall the Telegraph since they ousted Simon Heffer. Perhaps he too will wind up in the Daily Mail, but frankly I find that paper a tad boring compared to the Torygraph, which is the only newspaper I've ever really loved (I had a fleeting affection for the WSJ, but was disabused from it after growing tired of their jargon, probably about the five hundredth time I read of a failing company referred to by the curious adjective "Flagging." The price was also a bit high.