Friday, May 19, 2017

Memory Eternal

My uncle Tom was a man with a great joie de vivre, characterized by a fondness for good food and drink (scotch whiskey single malt), gambling, an often irreverent sense of humor and social/political opinions that put him slightly to the right of Archie Bunker. When I was eleven on a family camping trip he pulled out a deck of cards and told me it was time I learned to play poker and acey duecy. I think I still owe him ten thousand or thereabouts. He met my aunt Cathy while working as a bouncer in a West Endicott bar that had a reputation as... well let's just say that calling it a dive would be giving it a dignity it did not deserve. Their long and happy marriage produced two great kids and a few grandchildren. He passed suddenly yesterday while on the golf course having fun with his friends.

May his memory be eternal!

P.S. He never tried to collect the ten grand. What a guy.


Odysseus said...

-He passed suddenly yesterday while on the golf course having fun with his friends.-

John, I have worked as an RN in nursing homes and in the ER. I can tell you that your uncle went out of this life in perfect fashion. I have seen many people linger in misery for years and even decades. I know some people want to die in bed surrounded by their grandchildren, but they are probably not aware of the hideous phenomenon of of pressure ulcers. You really don't want to die that way. I know everyone wants closure but it is really better to go quick and in relatively good health. In fact, I have used the exact scenario you described about your uncle in conversation. I tell people that they think of this as a tragedy but I just applaud. That is exactly how I want to die (minus the golf. Maybe out walking in the woods instead.) Requiescat in pace.

The Anti-Gnostic said...

God rest his soul. Yes, a good passing indeed.