Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Oath and Consecration of the Newly Elected Bishop Methodius

The solemn affirmation of the Orthodox Faith by a newly elected bishop. I don't recall this ceremonial oath before. Perhaps it is unique to the Serbian Church. The English translation is imperfect but you can clearly get the gist of what is being said.

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Chris Jones said...

Perhaps it is unique to the Serbian Church

It is not.

I had the honor to attend the consecration of Tikhon (Fitzgerald) as bishop of the OCA Diocese of the West. Bishop-elect Tikhon read not one, but three, confessions of the Orthodox faith: first, the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed; second, a somewhat longer confession, which I understood to be a standard confession of faith used by all OCA bishops; and third, quite long confession which was the bishop-elect's own composition. This third confession was very similar in scope and length to the confession in the video that you posted.

You can find the text of the second of these three confessions of faith used at Bp Tikhon's consecration on the Holy Trinity Cathedral website here.

I found this extensive public confession to be a powerful testimony to the Orthodox Church's commitment to maintain the fullness of the faith.