Monday, July 16, 2018

The Trump Putin Meeting

Some people are using the word "treason" in reference to Trump's behavior. That's an overstatement. But it was way beyond horrible. An American President just stood in front of the world and effectively took the word of a foreign dictator, the leader of an unfriendly power, over the intelligence and security services of his own country. And he did it after blowing off most of our country's friends and questioning our alliances. Oddly Trump reminds me of Tsar Peter III and his bizarre fawning relationship with Frederick II of Prussia. The man is without doubt the most incompetent booby ever to occupy the highest office of the republic.


Ted Valis said...

Do you believe Putin is a dictator or are you being sarcastic?

John (Ad Orientem) said...

I do. There is no sarcasm there at all.

The Anti-Gnostic said...

That "incompetent booby":

Beat 16 career politicians in a race for the highest elected office in the US--in his first run at elected office ever
Will shortly have appointed two conservative SCOTUS justices, preserving a conservative majority, and Ginsburg is about a millimeter away from an aneurysm
Has started the peace process with North Korea
Has moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, mollifying a substantial ally and voting bloc (NB: the sky did not fall)
Is renegotiating one-sided, destructive trade agreements with the rest of the world
Is actually enforcing the border of the sovereign country of which he is head
Has put NATO on notice that the free ride is ending
Is abolishing numerous, stultifying regulations
Made our corporate tax rates competitive with the rest of the OECD
Squashed the atrocious TPP/TPA like a bug

So basically he has done more for conservatism in less than two years than every handwringing George Will, David Brooks, David French, gay Mormon Evan McMullen, Trotskyite Bill Kristol, the entire staff of The Federalist, National Review, AEI, and Weekly Standard put together, and Ted Cruz, the Hon. Miss Lindsey Graham, McCain, Jeb, McConnell, etc. etc. since forever.

I'm just fine with this incompetence, thanks.

As to the matter at hand:

Our national security and intelligence bureaucrats view us as tax serfs to be milked, spied upon, harassed, and abused. They serve globalist interests, not the American interest. Everybody with the title Deputy, Assistant, Undersecretary, and above should be fired, perhaps imprisoned.

They missed the fall of the Soviet Bloc. They missed 9/11. They lied us into Iraq. They hatched the disastrous Arab Spring. They conspired, lied, and interfered in the electoral contest for their own Chief Executive. Like I said, a number of people need to be in prison right now. In more old-fashioned times, they'd be shot.

Putin, in the meantime, has never:

Told Americans they live on stolen land
Told Americans they are just coasting on unearned privilege
Told Americans they are responsible for the plight of every person-of-color everywhere in human history
Told Americans they are obligated to accept every bit of riffraff from everywhere
Told Americans they are too white, have too many guns or are too religious
Told Americans they are deplorable
Told Americans they need to hurry up and die and that their grandchildren will be brown

I stand with President Trump.

unreconstructed rebel said...

And this Viet Nam veteran has not quite gotten over the fact that the same bunch cost us over fifty thousand of my classmates. And then just walked away.

I am wondering just what the man could be up to, but I have no use for the opinions or advice of the likes of Brennan, Clapper et al.

Odysseus said...

Over the last several years, I have found myself admitting something again and again, whether I want to or not:

I agree with everything Anti-Gnostic says.

The Anti-Gnostic said...

Thanks for the kind words Robert. I'm getting radicalized, because the Left, including a lot of people who call themselves 'conservative,' wants to destroy everything I have and hold dear.

The Left is ready to start a nuclear war over Russia. You can march around with a Kill Whitey! sign and nobody will do anything about it. What do I need with Principled Conservatism? WTF has Principled Conservatism ever conserved?

I don't need principles. I need a strongman to protect me from my enemies, since I wasted my young, strong years debating ideas instead of forming militias.

unreconstructed rebel said...

Anti-Gnostic, you have nailed it. The whole reason for the rebellion within the Republican Party is because Principled Conservatism accomplishes absolutely nothing for the man in the street. All it does is make people like George Will feel good about themselves.

But, I disagree about the strongman. That strongman needs to be you. And me. And everyone else who cares. Methinks a lot of our troubles are because the Silent Majority was just that - Silent.

rick allen said...

"I don't need principles. I need a strongman"

Sure worked for the thirties.

Dmitri Karamazov said...

Well said. Somebody has to say it. Most of us would lose our jobs or get run out of church for saying this. You have courage.

The Anti-Gnostic said...

"I don't need principles. I need a strongman"

Sure worked for the thirties.

Don't want a Reich, don't start a Weimar.