Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Ukraine plans to seize 8 monasteries from the UOC and transfer them to Constantinople

President Petro Poroshenko has yet to publish the agreement on cooperation that he signed with Patriarch Bartholomew in Constantinople on November 3, despite the fact that he was required to do so by Ukrainian law more than a month ago already.

Parliamentary Deputies and media representatives have repeatedly called on Poroshenko to publish the agreement.

However, the Ukrainian site Vesti has learned that an addendum to the cooperation includes a list of Ukrainian churches and monasteries that Poroshenko pledged to transfer to the Patriarchate of Constantinople. The list includes 12 properties altogether, 8 of which are monasteries of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church under the primacy of His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry of Kiev and All Ukraine, which has repeatedly protested Constantinople’s reckless and prideful interference in its own internal affairs.

The official site of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church has also ran the story.

According to Vesti’s source, the issue of the transfer is under the control of the presidential adviser Rostislav Pavlenko, who “edits the list taking into account the interests and desires of Bartholomew and his Exarchs. To clarify the situation and find out who is hesitating---Andrei Yurash, the head of the Department of Religions and Nationalities of the the Ministry of Culture, was sent to the western provinces.”

The 12 properties to be transferred (in addition to St. Andrew’s Cathedral in Kiev, which was already transferred by resolution of the Verkovna Rada) are:

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Archimandrite Gregory said...

The same site is providing some troubling info about recent statements of Met. Epiphany regarding the changing over to more Western values. Please pray for Ukraine and its people.

123 said...

One can no longer state there is a "canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church" i.plying the other is uncanonical. The actions of the EP in Ukraine and their canonicity is in question, but the status of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church under the EP is as canonical as the OCA's autocephaly.

John (Ad Orientem) said...

Don't be ridiculous. The OCA is universally recognized as canonical and is in communion with all of the other local churches. The only issue is the question of her autocephaly which is not recognized by around half of the churches. They treat her as an autonomous church under the Russian Church. This new entity is in communion with no one but the EP and is regarded as schismatic.

There is no comparison.

maximus said...


Amen. What is so striking is that people are so sheepish so as to accept this nonsense. To draw any analogies between this organization and ROCOR and/or the OCA is utterly ridiculous. ROCOR/OCA had canonical foundations acknowledged by multiple Patriarchates and local churches from their beginnings. Who has ever acknowledged post-deposition Filaret and his creation? Only the EP since oikonomia = creation ex nihilo in the Phanar. Apparently he wanted to flex his new papal prerogatives.