Monday, February 19, 2007

An Irishman walks into a bar in New York City...

... and sits down. He calls the barkeep over and asks for three beers. The barkeep thinks this is a bit odd but does as requested and sets three beers in front of the man and watches as he drinks them one at a time. After he finishes the third one the Irishman thanks the barkeep, pays for the beer and walks out. The next day he returns and does the same thing. In fact this goes on every day for a week. Finally the barkeep is overcome by curiosity and asks the Irishman why he orders three beers at once instead of ordering one at a time.

"Ah" says the Irishman, "It's like this you see. I and me two brothers have always been in the habit of taking a pint every day at noon together in the pub. But me brother Sean left for Australia and I went here to America while me brother Pat stayed home in Ireland. But before we went our ways we each promied one another that no matter where we were, every day at noon we would have three beers so we would be united despite the distance."

Impressed by this show of filial love the barkeep went on about his business and did not think further on the matter until one day when the Irishman walked in at noon and sat down just like every day. The barkeep set three beers in front of him without being asked as was his custom by now. But the Irishman shook his head sadly and held up two fingers.

"Whats this?" said the startled bartender. "Has anything happened to one of your brothers?" he asked with genuine concern.

"Oh no." replied the Irishman. "My wife made me give up drinking for Lent, so it will just be the two for a while."

Forgive me :-)


Wordsmyth said...

not pc, but definitely funny.

Ad Orientem said...

I am Irish myself. So a good Irish joke has always had an appeal to me.