Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Zizioulas in English!

+John Zizioulas Metropolitan of Pergamus is a world renown Orthodox theologian (and close friend of the former Cardinal +Ratzinger from a ways back) whose writings have generally been hard or impossible to obtain in English. However a website has recently posted a large collection of notes from his days as a professor at the University of Thessaloniki. I have not yet had an opportunity to peruse this site fully, however I have been warned that some of his writings may not be light reading.

Hat tip to Fr. Stephen Freeman.
Update: After a quick glance at this website I feel the need to caution the reader that there are some things posted there that I am fairly uncomfortable with. I am not sure of the affiliation of the webmaster(s). However their approach to other religious confessions, especially the Roman Catholic Church employs some of the polemics I normally find among radical old calendarists. The reader is advised to approach with caution.

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Audrey said...

I have read most of "Being as Communion" by Zizioulas and greatly enjoyed it but am not familiar with any of his other writings.