Friday, February 16, 2007

Thinking about Tanzania

As some may be aware the world's Anglican Primates are now meeting in Tanzania with the crisis in the American branch of the Anglican Communion being at the top of their agenda. I started to write some comments on it all when about halfway into the third paragraph I realized I was repeating myself. Not repeating the previous sentence, but rather repeating numerous other posts. My views on the Episcopal Church (TEC) have not changed really. So I thought maybe it would not be a bad idea to just repost my last essay on the subject since it remains my advice. Nothing I have read or heard about Tanzania has in any way altered my views of the current situation. And so I respectfully refer the reader who may not have already seen it to my essay Some Thoughts on Loosing a War.

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Alan said...

Your comment about losing a war is right on target. Too many of the conservative but institutional types have seemingly endless numbers of rationalizations for staying in TEC. Somehow, things will get better, or at least it will be tolerable until pensions are available. With the average age of TEC priests in the mid-50s, that covers a lot of people.

As for the picture of the PB. (Mine no more!) Take a look at:

and scroll down to the December 11 item. Good picture of the PB's new book. I first saw it on CaNN.