Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tax Free Immigration

Memo to the IRS:
It appears that the 12+ million illegal immigrants who are to be allowed to stay in the United States as part of the pending immigration "reform" bill are to be exempt from paying back taxes.

I have just decided to renounce my citizenship and become an illegal alien. Please note I will no longer be paying taxes..


George said...

Hello John, my name is George and I'm a new comer to your site. I just want to say what you said in this post was hilarious

Ad Orientem said...

Thank you for your compliment.


Luke said...

Keep in mind when you become an illegal alien you will no longer:

1) Be able to vote.

2) Have acces to to healthcare and benefits provides by Social Security and medicare

3) You will have no legal rights, if you are assaulted, stolen from, embezzled by your boss etc you will have no recourse or justice.

4)No police protection.

5) You will live in fear of being caught and deported. You will have
to risk your life to see your family again if deported.

6) Work undergraound in a menial job that has no future.

7) Be looked down upon and made subject of ridicule and jokes.

Still want to be illegal and renounce your US citizenship?

Taxation withou representation is illegal. A war was fought over that.