Monday, February 04, 2008

About that football game...

It got pretty crazy in Times Square as the Giants won.

My hat is off to the New York Giants. I am of course not a football fan and until yesterday had watched maybe one game from start to finish in the last two years. Perusing the New York newspapers online you would think this is the biggest event likely to precede the Second Coming. But I do have to admit it was an exciting game and probably will be remembered as one of the best in Super Bowl history. Maybe this is an omen for a good year for New York sports in general.

Baseball season is just around the corner... :-)


Anonymous said...

hi, just read your comment about the giants game. I am wondering, do you think there is a conflict between the competiti e nature of sports suck as football and the orthodox Christian faith? I am a semi professional soccer player and have not found a way of maintaining my peace while playing soccer - do you have any tips?


Ad Orientem said...

I do not believe that there is an inherent conflict. That said anything can become a problem is it starts interfering with your life as a Christian. Since I do not know your particular circumstances may I suggest discussing this with your spiritual father in confession? This would probably be the best course.