Saturday, February 09, 2008

Quote of the day...

"I'm not comparing McCain to Hitler. Hitler had a coherent tax policy."
-Ann Coulter in remarks to the CPAC Convention earlier today.

See my previous post.


Wordsmyth said...

Coulter is truly unkind.

Ad Orientem said...

She has a history of making outrageous comments. My take is that she is either a twisted ego-maniac, or she is just a nut job.

Take your pick.


otgri said...

I wonder if this blog isn't moving away from its stated purpose: to reflect upon issues of dialogue relative to Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism? Certainly issues around the pro-life news and political analysis is appropriate, but comments of the like of Ann Coulter really don't belong here imho.

Ad Orientem said...

I think you may have Ad Orientem confused with some other blog. Although this is certainly an Orthodox blog it is eclectic in the topics you will find here. I suggest rereading the top of the blog home page.