Sunday, February 03, 2008

Some Super Predictions...

Obama and Clinton will come really close to a draw on Super Tuesday. I anticipate an already very close race will get tighter. This one could be a nail biter. On the Republican side McCain will not sweep the primaries but he will be the clear winner at the end of the night. There are not enough delegates at stake to lock up the nomination but when the dust settles I think it will be the end for Huckabee and quite possibly Romney as well. Most likely on Wednesday morning the Republicans will know who their nominee for President is going to be. The Democrats will have a ways to go. Part of the reason for this is that a lot of the GOP primaries are winner take all especially in some of the bigger states like New York. The reverse is generally true in the other party. Huckabee will ensure that the right wing of the GOP, which cordially detests McCain, will split their vote and give him the victory in a lot of states.

Whats that? There is a football game in an hour and a half? That's nice. There are fifty-six days until baseball season. GO METS!!!


Matt said...

Go Giants!

Ad Orientem said...

Congrats on the Giants. I am not really a football fan and tonight was the first time in probably a couple of years I actually watched a whole game. It was worth it.