Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Break out the popcorn

Last week was busy. There was the parish fireworks sale (I am cautiously optimistic about how we did), and the trip to San Francisco. By time I got home Sunday after church and tearing down the fireworks stand I was really tired. So here I was sitting at home today after the busiest week in a while... and I was bored. Then I checked my usual sources for information on what's going on in the world, and I discover that my boredom is to be short lived.

Mid-summer entertainment is on the horizon, courtesy of The Episcopal Church.

Yes, that's right. TEC is getting ready to hold their every several years General Convention. And this year it should be more entertaining than watching those late night chiller movies we all loved as kids. You know the kind I am talking about. Where the creature comes out of the mist and creeps up on its intended victim.

With the departure of a sizable block of what was left of the Christian wing from TEC over the last couple of years, there is very little left in the way of a loyal opposition to the liberals. Of course the liturgical Unitarians already dominated the church once referred to as "the Republican Party at prayer." (Proof that God, while not a Republican, does have a sense of humor.) There are rumors flying that GenCon will drive a stake through the heart of the Anglican Communion wide moratorium on consecrating gay bishops and same sex marriages. This should have the effect of forcing everyone in the AC to choose sides once and for all. Indeed, with nothing left to slow down the "progressives" beyond their own self restraint, one can easily imagine the near endless possibilities for theological knavery.

With no other comparable entertainment, I guess its time to break out the popcorn and soda, lean back in the easy chair and wait to see what form the monster in the mist will take.


Aaron Friar said...

Kyrie Eleison. I am not sure I want to celebrate another Church's disintegration with popcorn.

John (Ad Orientem) said...

A fair point. But this "church" (it's really a liberal social club) has already gone off the deep end.

James the Thickheaded said...

Ah... but even the deep end, some folks can be found who'll swim to the side and become Orthodox. To be charitable... in an increasingly secular world, TEC may be a good starter church.. a place where the unchurched can begin to at least recognize something... and light does shine even in that darkness.