Monday, July 13, 2009

Update on the Episcopalians

Following up on my two previous posts (here and here) dealing with the Episcopal Church (TEC); things are now happening at a greatly increased pace. Those desiring details are encouraged to check out TitusOneNine (T-19) for all of the latest news. If you have some time for reading, there is a deluge of articles and posts dealing mostly with their intra-church crisis. Canon Kendal Harmon does a pretty good job of updating regular reports on what's going on at their Gen-Con. Be patiant though. T-19 has been loading very slowly today. No doubt the traffic has been heavy.

Update to the update @ 1929 PDLT:
Well they did it. TEC voted to end it's moratorium on gay bishops. Trying to get some details on the vote but T-19 has crashed. Probably got buried after the vote. Bottom line is that they just pretty much slapped the entire Anglican Communion across the face. But mark my words. This is just the beginning. The flood gates are now open.

On a side note this tends to put the recent sad troubles in the OCA and the Antiochian Archdiocese in perspective. May God preserve us from such disasters.

Lord Have Mercy!


Miss Sippi said...

This is all so sad. I stood up in a Stand Firm meeting a couple of years ago and tried to tell Bishop Gray (Mississippi)how dire things were getting -- I said that we were "bleeding people" -- and of course many others told him the same thing, many times. Since then I've begun my journey to Orthodoxy, but the implosion of the Episcopal Church sickens me nonetheless.

Nikolaus said...

I too have begun my journey to Orthodoxy; however, my beloved spouse is very protestant and is struggling with - perhaps even obstructing - my journey. Pray for us!

margi said...

I've just been saying to someone on my blog that I left when the C of E decided to admit women to priest's orders and they promised us the moon back the, it was going to make the church so relevant that folks would just flood in. Now it's the gay thing and the lines are just the same if you replace 'womyn' with 'gay'. Amazing.

James the Thickheaded said...

May God guide you on your way to Orthodoxy... a journey as Fr. Meletios describes "of God gathering His people." Let us thank God for the gift of Anglican church we knew and loved, and pray for those still there.

Reactionary said...


If I may, what are her objections? You are in the midst of some very good Orthodox apologists, and I will defer to them.

Nikolaus said...

Thank you Reactionary for your inquiry. Unfortunately, she does not want to talk about it too much and I have not done well in drawing her out. As I said, she is very protestant, raised Methodist. To her Orthodoxy = Rome. Pertinent to this thread I was raised - and still am - "Anglo-Catholic."

I will say that she has agreed to come to Church this Sunday (Antiochian) for which I am grateful. I hope that it may lead to some good discussion. I pray that the Holy Spirit will open her heart and guide us both.

Reactionary said...

As I said, she is very protestant, raised Methodist. To her Orthodoxy = Rome.

Assure her that we are far kookier than the Romans. ;^)