Thursday, August 19, 2010

Disturbing news from Damascus

Via Owen and Samn! comes the report that all of the bishops of the AOANA are to again be demoted to auxiliary bishops. See the linked sites for the details.


Anonymous said...

Look kids! Big Ben! Parliament!

Visibilium said...

Until the auxiliaries develop their own revenue streams, they'll always have a sugar daddy.

VSO said...

If true expect Bp. Mark to moved, convicted sex-offender Dmitri to be reinstated and a big cigar and brandy party at Englewood with all the rich felons since Glorious Leader will die when he wants to. Meanwhile Fr. Oliver is still in OCA and George Samra will still be "excommunicated".

The "auxiliaries" aren't allowed to have their own revenue, that is until they get smart and leave. But as Owen and Fr. Oliver have pointed out, until all the priests and laity grow a collective pair and accept the martyrdom Fr. Oliver and those who rightly spoke out against the Fr. Allen affair have, it'll be business as usual.

This is why we have multiple jurisdictions. God help us all.